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Search Services - Wisconsin Assn of School Boards (WASB)

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Perform the following steps in this order:

  1. set up an account (click on LOG IN in upper right > Create new account),
  2. complete your Profile (applicable to all searches to which you may apply), and then
  3. apply for a specific Wisconsin school district's search for a superintendent.

Need help? Click on "Need help?" in the lower right and submit a help ticket.


Open Searches

The Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) is conducting the following search(es).

An Application for a district search will not appear here until sometime after the Vacancy Notice for that search is posted elsewhere. While waiting for an Application to a search to be opened here, be sure to complete your Profile. Your Profile must be completed before you may apply for a specific district's search.

Network Search List

Various member states of the National Affiliation of Superintendent Searchers (NASS) are conducting the following searches.

Title Search Organization Closing Date More Information
Superintendent of Au Gres-Sims School District Michigan Association of School Boards 6/22/2020 More Information
Superintendent of Mason Consolidated Schools Michigan Association of School Boards 6/4/2020 More Information
Superintendent of Stephenson Area Public Schools Michigan Association of School Boards 6/23/2020 More Information
Superintendent, Valparaiso Community Schools Indiana School Boards Association 7/15/2020 More Information